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Muhyiddin: Muslim world must ensure worldview of Islam continues to be properly studied

The Muslim world must play a more proactive role to ensure the “Worldview of Islam” or Islam’s vision of existence continues to be properly...

The Philosophers of the Golden Age of Islam

The Golden Age of Islam, generally understood to be the period stretching from the 8th century to the 14th century during, represents an era...

Earliest known war was a repeated conflict in Sudan 13,400 years ago

Individuals buried at the prehistoric cemetery Jebel Sahaba in Sudan seem to have experienced violence and trauma at several points during their lives. The...

Hackers Posing as The United Nations Hacked Uyghur Muslims

A Chinese-speaking hacking group targeted Uyghurs with fake UN documents laced with malware, and a website purporting to represent a human rights organization. Hackers posing...

In the US, Hindus and Muslims prefer to watch CNN, while white evangelicals like Fox News

An analysis of data from different surveys shows how different religious groups in the US watch TV news. Fox News possesses an “outsized influence” on...

Saudi Arabia’s historic Hisma range reveals signposts to ancient past

Archaeological remnants are common in mountains, which formed part of trading route for camel convoys MAKKAH: The Hisma mountains, west of Tabuk in northern Saudi...

Somalia And The Scramble For Africa

Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Ottoman Turkey all got in on the act at one time or another. The Ottomans’ grip on North Africa...

“New” issues in development policy drive research impact on Somali state-building

Recent research in Somalia challenges core assumptions about the role of the private sector and diaspora in governance and state-building in fragile contexts. LSE’s...

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