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Islamophobia In Canada

More often than not, islamophobia is viewed as isolated incidents, related to individuals like former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In 2019, however, the National...

Singer-Songwriter Amaal’s Liberation Is All Of Ours, Too

In the video for her latest single, “Honey,” Amaal Nuux reveals herself slowly. Wrapped in a glamorous bodysuit, she displays only her silhouette first...

Ramla Ali: Somali boxer hopes her olympics debut can inspire young Somalis to dream big

Ramla Ali will be making her debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. On the Gemili & Poz podcast she also speaks about her drive...

Extremists issue threat as Somalia elections loom

MOGADISHU: Somalia’s Al-Shabab extremists have warned politicians against taking part in elections due to kick off this month after months of deadlock and delays. The...

US strikes Al-Shabab in Somalia for first time in six months

WASHINGTON - Somali commandos coming under attack from the al-Shabab terror group got some help from above, for the first time in months, in...

Afghan government, Taliban agree to further peace talks

The Afghan government and the Taliban concluded diplomatic negotiations in Qatar on Sunday, but both sides said they are committed to further talks. A joint...

Ethiopia’s Tigray war spills into neighbouring regions

Rebels in Ethiopia’s war-hit Tigray have carried out operations against pro-government troops in neighbouring Afar region, a spokesman said Sunday, opening a new front...

New Somalia law seeks to rescue fisheries from looters

Somalia says its lucrative fishing resources will be completely shielded from looters once a new law comes into force, and which will provide uniform...

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