UN warns of humanitarian crisis in Somalia as donor funding shrinks

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MOGADISHU (HOL) – The UN in Somalia has warned against the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the country noting limited funding could sink millions more into starvation.

In a statement to mark World Humanitarian Day, the UN head of humanitarian affairs in Somalia Adam Abdelmoula said Somalia risks losing gains made in the past should donor funding fail to make through in time.

“Despite growing needs, the Humanitarian Response Plan is only funded at 40 per cent,” said Abdelmoula. “The cost of inaction will be devastating. Without additional support, the fragile gains we have made thus far will be easily unravelled.”

The UN official noted that Somalia was on the receiving end of climate change effects despite contributing to it the least.

He called for concerted efforts to put in place the short, medium and long term solutions to cushion the country from the perennial climatic shocks.

The UN estimates 5.9 million people, which is about half of the population needs humanitarian help.

This year’s World Humanitarian Day focuses on the climate crisis.

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