Police apologise to driver pulled over in Glasgow and grilled over ethnicity and immigration status

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COPS have apologised to a businessman who was pulled over in his car and quizzed on his ethnicity.

The Somalia-born dad of two, 37, a UK national, was stopped after leaving a community hall party with pals.

An officer grilled him on his place of birth and immigration status for a breath test.

The man complained to Police Scotland about the incident in Townhead, Glasgow, but the force did not uphold all his grievances.

A report by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner has found the officer had “no basis” for the questions, forcing an apology from top brass.

The businessman, who does not wish to be named, said: “To me, he obviously had an issue with my race.

“This officer is a danger to any person of colour on the roads today.”

The dad was driving from the Common Village venue with four pals when he was stopped in September 2019.

The PCs said they could smell booze, but the test was negative.

Chief Inspector Darren Faulds wrote to the man: “I uphold your complaint, offer an unreserved apology and can confirm the officer has been given corrective advice to prevent a recurrence.”

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