Six al-Shabab militants killed in southern Somalia

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At least six al-Shabab militants have been killed in an ongoing security operation in southern Somalia, the military said.

The Somali National Army (SNA) commanders said the six al-Shabab fighters were killed Monday after being found hiding in farmlands between Awdhigle and Afgoye districts of Lower Shabelle region.

“The troops killed six al-Shabab members during the operation which was carried out in Malimka, Sabriye, Balod, Binanka Balow, Mordinle and Isse Lugoole which are under Awdhigle and Afgoye in Lower Shabelle,” SNA radio reported Monday evening.

The latest move came as government forces have intensified security operations in al-Shabab bases and their hideouts in the central and southern regions of Somalia.

The SNA has vowed to sustain the ongoing security operations until the al-Qaida allied terrorists are flushed out of their hideouts.

The Somali and African Union forces have been on major offensives against al-Shabab extremists in central and southern Somali regions, but the militants still hold swaths of territory in those regions, conducting ambushes and planting roadside bombs.

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