Strict Islam Indonesia’s Bali Goes Bonkers After Sex Videos Go Viral


Indonesia is on the hunt for porn actors who shot videos at a Bali villa. It is determined to find the actors and stop the spread of “disrespectful” videos.

Video clips of naked entertainers performing sex acts at a villa in Bali caught the attention of authorities when they received several complaints from some social media users.

Some online users noticed statues and other items in the background that were traditional to Indonesia and suggested the films were produced there. In one video a “penjor” – an item used by Indonesians during religious holidays – can be seen in the background. The actors called it their “porn villa.”

The majority Muslim nation has stiff pornography laws. It is illegal to film and distribute sexually explicit content. If arrested the suspects might be jailed.

The government has warned hotels and asked them to look out for these incidents. Police said they had identified the villa where the scenes were shot but the actors had fled.

Police “are still investigating the building permit. We’ve visited the viral villa several times, but it was empty,” Bali municipal police unit chief Gusti Agung Kerta Suryanegara said.

Police identified five people in videos. One of the actors appeared to be an Indonesia citizen but the others were European.

After it opened its borders to tourists Indonesia has been cracking down on illicit behavior. Some tourists have been summarily deported for “disrespectful” acts.

Porn actor Veronika Troshina, 22, is currently wanted by Indonesia for filming a sex scene with her boyfriend on a sacred mountain. She is now at home in Russia. Her video has been viewed more than 1.2 million times.